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Prineville Christian Church

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Come the way you are.

We do.

You’ll find a place of inspiration and comfort.  A place to heal and be joyful.  A place where people accept and love one another.  A family from Grandmas & Grandpas to youth.  From those with Bible wits to those that are just learning.  From various work backgrounds to those that are starting over.  From those that have tried to walk a good life and failed to those that have failed to walk a good life and are now trying to do so.

All in all, we’re part of family that’s trying to walk a Christian life, right here and right now.

We invite you to come and see!

About our worship service

We have communion once a week.  It is an open invitation for believers to examine themselves and decide if they would like to participate or not.

Our worship music varies from traditional hymns to contemporary songs.  You may hear country style guitars or piano music.  We may use song books or read the lyrics from the big screens.  All of it will point to one thing - singing praises and worshiping God.